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7 things for a successful workout

7 things for a successful workout

HELLO BEAUTIES! Today's post is all about staying fit and healthy. I know life can get busy, especially for me with work, school (masters) and blogging, and its hard to find time for the gym. But I believe if there is a will, there is a way. The hardest part is finding that "will" to go to the gym. I try to make time for workout atleast 3 times a week.

Here are top 8 things I always like to have on me for a great workout.

1. CUTE WORKOUT ATTIRE: Now, I know if you're like me then you understand that dressing in cute athletic attire motivates you more for a workout. Check out these deals below:

2. STAYING HYDRATED: Whether it is water or a detox, I definitely make sure you carry a water bottle to stay hydrated at all times at the gym. Often times I try to take coconut water which is hydration with amazing taste.3.

3. TOWEL: For obvious reasons, a towel is a must to wipe up sweat!

4. PROPER SHOES: Usually, if I'm training at the gym or taking cardio classes, I always try to wear training shoes, rather than running shoes.

6. YOGA MAT: This goes without saying, but a cute mat for few situps in the gym.

7. HEADPHONES: to jamn to my favorite music.

8. FITBIT/HEALTH APP: I use fitbit app to keep track of my workout, steps etc. It is important to monitor how much I've been working out and keep a track to see my improvement and challenge myself to do better everyday.

Hope you guys are able to get some workout inspiration but one thing

I have learned is that being healthy is a lifestyle, not a "diet." Diets will get you short term results, where as a healthy lifestyle will sustain a lifetime.

until next time,