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Hallmark greeting cards

positive greeting cards

Hello Loves!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Today, I wanted to share with you all the importance of staying connected. In these unprecedented times, the only thing keeping our inner strength stronger is the love and care from our dear ones. As a millennial, I am all for digital connection, texts, DMs etc, yet I think nothing says “I care about you” more than a personalized greeting card. Personally, I love receiving cards but I love sending cards even more. To me, cards symbolize a tangible love and care that I can hold on to and cherish forever. 

Whether it is birthdays, celebrations, or just sending positive vibes, Hallmark has a card for everyone and every occasion. These super sweet Hallmark cards make it so easy to strengthen your relationships and provide a deeper connection. My personal favorite is “You make the world a better place.” This is such a cute and positive reminder to send a friend who might be feeling low, having a bad day or simply just cause they are amazing! 

Another card I adore is “Hell, Yes We have to celebrate this.” This is the perfect card to send to a friend who has recently accomplished a milestone at work or gotten a promotion, to let them know you are proud of their success. I’ll be sending this card to my friend Amrita, who’s worked so hard to get a promotion at work. I know she would absolutely love this appreciation. I think texts/calls are good tools to reach out, but I know receiving this card will totally make her day! 

Also, how cute is the card “She believed she could so she did” This card is perfect to send to the woman in your life you are proud of  -maybe it is your best friend or a colleague -  motivate them to strive towards their goals. I’ll definitely be sending this one to my sister who’s recently graduated from college and got her first dream job. I know the message from this card will surely inspire her to strive towards success in her career. 

Sending a card doesn’t really need a specific occasion such as birthdays or holidays, sometimes all it takes is just a simple desire to share love and positivity for your family and friends that they can hold on to forever. I can’t wait to send these cards to my friends, and brighten up their day! Hope you are inspired to send a Hallmark card to your loved ones today :) 



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