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Hello loves! This post was long overdue! My trip to Santorini was nothing less than magnificent. It was my second time there, the first time I visited this island was in 2015 as part of my college graduation present and I fell in love with this island instantly. So Santorini is one of the popular Greek islands which is easily accessed by 45 minute flight from Athens or few hours by boat. There are plenty of cruises that go along the other greek islands in the Mediterranean sea but I think Santorini is best experienced when you stay at least 3-4 days and explore everything the island has to offer. Santorini is definitely a romantic couple's vibes but still makes for a perfect vacation spot for families and friends.


Andromeda villa and suites
oia Santorini
Santo winery

What to do

Oia: Visting this town is definitely a must if you want to capture the blue dome churches and the best sunsets on the island.We visited twice during our stay, one during the day to just shop and visit the domes. To catch a good sunset view in Oia, I highly recommend making reservations for Dinner at one of the restaurants (most are always booked the day of) or you can also watch the sunsets from the tip of Oia near the windmills, however you have to get there early to get a spot as it can get VERY packed.

Santo Winery: This was one of my favorite things to do in Santorini. Again, I'd highly recommend making reservations before. Santo Winery offers various different flights for tasting (we chose the 6 flight wine tasting) and they were delicious!! There were about 3 whites and 3 reds with crackers, cheese. In addition we ordered dinner and dessert (Baklava) with vanilla ice-cream and it was LITERALLY mouth watering. The grapes in Santorini are grown in volcanic soil and thus the wine tasting is definitely worth a try.

Catamaran sunset trip: One evening we decided to watch the sunset on a catamaran hosted by Spiridakos inc which included meal and unlimited drinks. The meals were delicious salad, pasta, chicken and bread. The boat makes several stops for swimming and snorkeling. The day we went the waves were rough so I would not recommend going if you might be sea sick. Overall, it was definitely an incredible experience watching the sunsets over the Mediterranean sea's horizon.

Santorini blue domes

Santorini sunset

Hope you all enjoyed reading this. Santorini is definitely one of my favorite vacation destinations with delicious food, and beautiful sunsets this island truly has it all. I'll definitely will be going back to Greece and its islands pretty soon!