Hello Loves! I just returned from my short weekend trip from nyc. I was able to connect with my childhood girlfriends and it was nothing less than a perfect weekend. We had tons of delicious food, watched belly dancing and best of all, a relaxing day at the luxury Premier 57 Spa and Sauna. This is NewYork's best co-ed spa with a rooftop hot tubs that are open all year long (no matter the weather). This spa is located uptown on 115 E 57th St, New York, NY 10022.

Check in

The check into the spa is super smooth and convenient. There is a daily entry fee which allows you to use all the amenities this spa has to offer, services such as massages have an extra fee. We were given a watch upon check in which you can use to purchase anything inside the spa( food, services, drinks etc) and you pay once you exit the spa. The watch was also the key to our lockers where we were given robes, slippers and towels. The locker room is well equipped with all the amenities you need as well as showers.

Hydrotherapy Pools

After check in we went to the hydrotherapy pool, with a bar! These pools have pressurized water for targeted parts of the body, we honestly had the best time in these pools. There is also a hot tub directly attached to the pool. We spent about 60-90 minutes just soaking in these therapy pools.

Sauna Rooms

Okay so this place had soooo many sauna rooms (six in total), each of which are beneficial to the skin and body in one way or another. We tried to go into all of sauna rooms for about 15-20 minutes each. Our most favorite ones were the Gold room and the Himalayan salt room. The Himalayan salt room is excellent for exfoliation of skin. The gold sauna room was intriguing and is known to be beneficial to the skin. I would highly recommend trying all the sauna rooms possible. There is also an ice room, which we used to cool off between the heated sauna rooms.

Relaxation Areas

After couple hours in the heated sauna room, we were certainly tired and decided to visit the mediation room which was purely bliss. The lights were dim, and there was a mini waterfall sound in the center of room which was just perfect. There is also a sleeping room which I'm sure we could've used for a quick nap.

Water Lounges

Finally after quick relaxation at the meditation room we decided to check out the water lounges, I particularly love steam rooms because they open up clogged pores and are great for exfoliation of skin. Steam rooms are also beneficial for the hair, the steam makes it super soft. After the steam room we were able to shower and finally eat!!

The Premier 57 spa has a full meal bar, they have traditional Korean food as well sandwiches. I personally loved the fresh juices and smoothies which are perfect after a relaxed day. Overall, I think this spa is definitely worth the money if you have 4-6 hours to spend. It is perfect for couples and girls to just unwind from our busy lives and enjoy the little moments. My girls and I had a wonderful time and will surely be back for another girls day at the spa!

Hope you found this post informative and something new to do in New York City.



Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however, the opinions about the spa are my own.













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