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Hey Guys! Today I wanted to share with you guys how I take care of my nails. My nails have always been brittle and I always find myself with short nails.

NAIL CARE: I have found two great products that I use. One is the Killer nails supplements from Hum It is a plant based gluten free vegan supplement, which I think has helped my nail grow significantly or atleast make them stronger. I also have been using Pure collagen powder from 360 which I mix with my morning tea or water and drink it throughout the day. This powder is not only good for nails but also skin elasticity. I have truly noticed a difference in my skin's glow.

NAIL COLOR/DESGIN: Apart from manicure, when I do want my nails fancy, I try to use glue on nails rather than getting acrylics (which has damaged my nails so much). I have recently discovered a Japanese nail art company based in California called BlingUp nails and they have the most chic and glamorous 3D nails art. They are glue on DIY nails with so many chic and feminine styles to choose from (literally!!). They customize the nails to your nail size as well, so it fits you perfectly. You can also choose their standard sizing (see how to measure your nails on their website).

I chose the gorgeous Swarovski crystals French tip nail set for a weekend party, which was simple with a touch of elegant 3D crystals. The package comes with glue (for a longer lasting nails) and stickies that you can use for a more shorter term. Both forms of adhesive are long lasting and provide great support. The best part, and probably the reason I would use them again, is that they don't damage my nails after use, unlike acrylics. It is a great alternative for getting super chic and elegant 3D nails without doing damage. Honestly, I rceived so many compliments from everyone, that I might just order another pair!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Be sure to checkout these recommendations



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