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HELLO LOVES! I'm back from my much awaited vacation from the Persian gulf coast city- Dubai. Let me start by saying it was nothing less than magical. The place has so much to offer and see, with so little time. The city surprised everyday with its rich culture, amazing people and delicious food. Today in this post I'll share with you guys the top things to see and must places to visit.

1. GLOBAL VILLAGE ~ 4-5 hrs evening

If you want to truly shop like a local, this is your place. It is exactly what it sounds like, there are over 30+ Pavilions of neighboring middle eastern countries, Europe, Asia and Africa all showcasing their traditional food, restaurants, clothes and artifacts.

We visited the Pavillon of Yemen where we found authentic spices, we also purchased dates from Saudi Arabian Pavillon. I of course got few beauty products from the Morocco Pavillon since their Moroccan oil is truly amazing for face and hair. Overall, we spent about 4 hours, and covered 80% of Global village, not to mention there's always concerts and shows there and it is open late till 1AM on weekends.

Burj Al Arab

2. Souk Madinat Jumeirah /Burj Al Arab ~3-5 hours

Next day we spend the morning to shop a little more for souvenirs at the Souk "market" near the beach. From there we walked over to the Shimmers Restaurant for Lunch which offers spectacular views of Burj Al Arab in the turquoise waters. Shimmers offers delicious Greek Food, beachside Hookah and tasty cocktails. Overall , the restaurant was definitely 10/10. We spent the afternoon on the beach relaxing and dipping in the Persian gulf.

Dubai Desert

3. DESERT SAFARI ~ 6 hours

Later that afternoon, we were picked up from the beach in our Land cruiser and we drove for about an hour to reach the deserts of Dubai. The first stop consisted of riding bikes in the desert, which I opted out for because I think I was too scared haha. Next, we were back on our land cruiser for a 30 min bumpy safari ride into the desert for a perfect photo opportunity. Later we were driven to a stop in the middle of the desert where we ate delicious BBQ buffet dinner (included in safari) with amazing performances from Belly dancers. Finally we back at our hotel by 10 pm.

burj khalifa


Dubai's visit isn't complete without visiting the tallest building in the world with the fastest elevator that gets you to the top in just 25 seconds. There are two levels you can chose to visit, Level 128 and a VIP level 148. We opted for the level 148 to truly catch a spectacular view. We were greated with arabic coffee and dates while waiting for the elevator, followed by delicious treats and macaroons in the sky. This is definitely a must see. We went during sunset so we got to the view by day and night. Truly magical.

Dubai Miracle Garden


A thirty minute cab ride from the city and we have this beautiful garden and designs of flowers. The beauty of the flowers in middle of the desert is truly a miracle. This place is truly so creative and vibrant with gorgeous flowers and designs. This place is a photographers dream and makes for a perfect insta picture.


Next day we took a cab to the famous and extravagant Dubai Mall. It has an aquarium, movie theatre, every single shopping store you can imagine. I would highly recommend visiting the Dubai Aquarium in the mall, it is truly amazing walking amongst the sharks. The rest of the day consisted of touring the city in the Dubai city tour through various points.

I truly enjoyed my stay in Dubai, it was certainly one of the best cities I have visited!

until next time,