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all about face oils

HEY GUYS! Today I wanted to share with you few tips and products I use to keep my skin healthy in the harsh winter. Although we would like to believe its Spring, the truth is that its still very much winter with temps in 30s, atleast here in New England. This takes a huge toll on my skin especially because my skin is on the drier side, I rarely get oily even in the summer.

TO keep my skin hydrated I religiously use face oils, I think moisturizers are great, but I have noticed tremendous difference in my skin by using oils day and night. Yes, you can use oils underneath makeup, not only does it give you a fresh dewy look, but also, immense hydration for the skin. Below are my top 4 favorite oils for day and night.

1. LAURA MERCIER Infusion de Rose Nourshing Oil: Now, if you've been following my insta for a while, you know I love love this product. It's a rose infused priming oil that I use as a primer underneath my foundation. It gives me an healthy and dewy glow and literally smells like roses. You can use this day and night, but I find that the consistency is very light, so its perfect for the day under makeup

2. CaudaliePremier Cru The Elixir: Now this oil is perfect for combination, oily or dry skin. It's not too thick and its also great for correcting fine lines, wrinkles and elasticity. Did you know all Caudalié 's products are grape based from their grape vines in France? They are made without Parabenns or Sulfates. I use this at night when I need extra hydration for my face.

3. TATCHA Kyto cleanse: So for those that don't know Tatcha is a Japanese based skincare line. This skin duo comes with cleansing oil and enzyme based cleanser that's activated with water. I personally love the cleaning oil I use it every night to wash off my makeup, and it is so gentle on skin, never greasy. It also helps with fine lines and wrinkles. A cleanser with skincare benefits? OH YEAH, Sign me up!

4. Sunday Riley U.F.O: This product is honestly amazing. Not only does this product provide hydration but also helps with acne, blackheads and pores. I use this every night in addition to my night moisturizer and each morning I notice a glow on my face when I wake up. It's great for all skin types.

I think its very important to take care of one's skin for longer term results. Face oils have so many benefits that a moisturizer may not, especially in the colder months. With drinking plenty of water and face oils I have started to notice a tremendous difference in my skin's texture and dryness. So don't be afraid to spulrge on luxury skincare



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