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Hi LOVES, I'm recently obsessing over few of these beauty products and using them on the daily.


I've been looking a a new foundation to try out, and after makeupforever HD, I would say this the best foundation I've discovered so far. It gives medium coverage with a luminous finish. The shade I'm using is BD60. I apply it with a beauty blender for even coverage throughout the face. One downside to this foundation is that it contains SPF20, which is great if you're UV conscious , however SPF does not photograph well, especially with flash. So picture purposes I only use Makeupforever HD foundation.


This is a concealer from the touche éclat line, however I did find that for someone such as myself who prefers medium-full converge, it is bit a light. I use it on my concealer as a highlighter in shade 1.5 and it adds a perfect luminous glow to my cheekbones. It's not shimmery at all, so if you're looking for a highlight without a shimmer, I think this is your best bet. Personally, I add on a shimmer highlighter from Becca :Champagne pop on the touche éclat highlight and get that extra glow #lit.


This is the only blush that comes with a little brush, I personally love this packaging for traveling, I'm really a sucker for good packaging. It also comes with a mirror so its perfect on the go. The pigment of Chanel brushes are fantastic and little goes a long way. The color displayed her is called Rose Petal which a dusty, mauve rose color, great for winters.


So I ;literally have way too many mascara favorites. This one in particular is definitely all about drama and volume, something I would probably skip for work, but definitely rock for a date night or going out. It's also the blackest mascara you will ever find. another mascara favorite is definitely Tarte's tartiest mascara which is chemical-free and vegan :)


I honestly don't have favorites in lipsticks, I'm not too particular, I wear anything and everything as long as its matte. I despise gloss. I try to wear liquid lipsticks often, even daily. This Rouge lipstick is rich in color and comes in over 10 different shades, it matte and lasts all day almost like a liquid lipstick. I do have to re-apply after eating a big meal or a salad. It's great for work because it's not too shiny or flashy and has longitivtiy of 3-4 hours without re-application.


This fragrance is literally my all time favorite. Even though I own multiple fragrances, I only wear Chanel mademoiselle daily or if I'm going out. It has a oriental, and floral smell that is so mysterious. The smell also adapts with your body odor and it smells different on everyone. I would recommend getting a sample from sephora and trying it on before making an investment. but i can tell you I own all the versions of this fragrance, eau de perfume, toilette and lotion! can you tell I'm obsessed? haha!

I hope you guys enjoyed these February beauty favorites, and hey, who needs guys to buy you gifts on valentine's day when you can spoil yourself with these beauties?

Meanwhile I'm going to figure out what I should get myself for valentine's day, no seriously!

until next time,



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