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Dermalogica daily superfoliant

Hello Beauties! Happy New Year to you all, I'm so excited to start this new year already, I have a great feeling about 2017. One of my biggest goals last year was to travel and start a blog, both of which I'm truly satisfied with. This year I have many personal, work/academic related goals, along with them, my one big goal this year is to continue to truly take of myself especially my skin. And it is no secret that it can only happen with what I eat and the products I use to care for my skin.

Usually, I am good with moisturizing my skin daily, however, often times its not enough. First step to a healthy, glowing skin is cleaning it in the right way with the right products. Recently, I discovered Dermalogica's Daily Superfoliant, its a resurfacing anti-pollution powder exfoliant that has a sand like texture and it literally smells like spa in a bottle, super soothing and calming. The powder activates with water, so usually I take about half-teaspoon in my palms, add few drops of water to create a pasty texture and apply all over the face, avoiding the eyes. I try to massage the paste on to my skin gently for 1-2 minutes, and allowing the exfoliant to remove the dead cells and impurities from the surface of my skin and rinse with warm water.

I've used this for a week daily, (use alternate days if you have sensitive skin) and I can truly see a difference in my skin's texture, its more smoother, more clearer and definitely more cleaner. In fact with just the first use I was able to immediately see results of a cleaner, brighter skin. I use this daily at night, you can also use it during the day however, just follow up with sunscreen because exfoliants increase your sensitivity to the sun. You can find all the active ingredients on You can also calculate your risk of pollution based on your address on, which I thought is very helpful and informative, I never knew my skin was at risk living in my area. This product has officially been incorporated into my skincare routine, and I follow up the Superfoliant with serum and moisturizer.

The price of a 2.0oz bottle is $58, and can be found on and if you use code: CHCHIC20 you can get 20% OFF ANY PURCHASE online on dermalogica,com expires Jan 31, 2017. This product is also found at Nordstrom stores if you want instant gratification.

Let me know if you guys see the same difference on your skin!



Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant
Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant

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