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It's officially December and parties/festivities are around the corner, which mean your makeup game needs to be #onfleek! Personally I prefer neutral/pink shades for my lips, but during this time of the year is when I decide to rock them red lipsticks! A traditional smokey eye with a red lip that matches your undertone, will never fail you.

Pink Based Reds

Laura Mercier -velour -Seduction - This color is blue-based burgundy, that is rich and creamy in texture. It can be paired perfectly with a LBD (Little Black Dress) for an evening out. Its long- lasting with a semi-matte finish.

Clinique- pop liquid matte- Boom Pop- This color is clinique's "liquid lipstick" its pigmented color, so what you see is what you get. It's a brown based pink and looks stunning on warmer skin tones- like mine. The best part about this is that its super hydrating (which many liquid lipsticks are not) and it does not settle in cracks of the lips.

Colorpop- ultra matte lip- Notion- This is color is pink bed deep red, very rich in color and texture. If you're familiar with color pop ultra mattes, then you know they are long-lasting and literally don't come off even when you eat X3 meals, which is a great plus. However, they can get dry on the lips, but periodically applying lip balm or chapstick, should minimize the cracks on the lips.

Orange Reds

Giorgio Armani - lipmastero-401- This color is a great combination of orange-red. If you love corals/orange and want to go deeper in the shade for winters/fall look, this shade is perfect without drifting from the orange family. This lipstick is Armani's "liquid lipstick" version, it is pigmented, creamy, I think its longitivtiy is not of a stain but it should last upto 6 hours.

YSL-Vinyl cream -411- This color is red with a slight orange undertone, its YSL's new vinyl cream stain. After applying I thought the texture was sheer and not as pigmented, as I would have liked, but its great if you are afraid of bright colors on your lips and just want a hint of color. Its also super hydrating and creamy.

True Reds

Nars - velvet lip glide- Le Palace- This is Nars new lip stain collection and its AH-mazing! This color is a perfect "true red" for those holiday parties and honestly would go with any look. The texture is definitely pigmented creamy, its a velvet finish so not too sheer and not too matte, a great blend in between.

Colorpop ultra matte lip -Avenue- This color is perfect red if you are looking for a stain that will last all day on the lips. I love colorpop ultra mattes for that reason, they give a deep pigment color with 8-10hr wear. This color is also a "true" red with a rich ultra matte finish.

Kat Von D- Liquid lipstick - Outlaw- This color is a creamy, long lasting stain. The color is my favorite for a red, its bright fire-y red which looks fabulous with black smokey eyes - makes for a perfect holiday look. 9/10 times this is my go to red because it compliments my skin undertone well. It lasts about 5-6 hours on the lips before re-application.

Makeupforever-Rouge creme- C405- This product is a traditional lipstick unlike others mentioned above. The texture is smooth, velvety. It is rich in color with a satin finish. If you are someone that prefers traditional lipsticks, this red is a great pick for you. It is a true red that is suppose to look good with cool and warn skin tones.

Roundup: Personally, I prefer liquid lipsticks or stains which I like to apply in the morning and forget about it, I don't like to re-apply throughout the day. I LOVE the colorpop cosmetics ultra matte for that reason and because of the rich, and pigmented colors, oh and they are only $6, yes! #steal

The other top favorite traditional lipstick is makeupforever because they are rich and creamy and stay on for about 5-6 hours and give a natural satin finish that is not too matte or too sheer. Also they are super inexpensive -$22.

Hope you guys got some HOLIDAY lip inspo Don't be afraid to rock a bold lip with a bold eye, tis the season for smokey eyes and red lips!



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