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SPA night at home

spa night at home

Hi Everyone, so if your stuck at me just as the entire Northeast (thanks to Stella), the best way to spend today is to unwind and relax with the company of yourself. Today's blog post is all about self relaxation by having a SPA night at home. Personally for me a little bit of pampering, at home spa and a relaxation playlist is all I need to revamp and re-energize, especially when no one is home. So let's get started.

FOR HAIR: I start by wrapping my hair in a nourishing mask, and let it sink into my hair and dry, while I prep the tub for a hot bath. Although there are plenty of hair masks available in the market, I try to use essential oils and natural ingredients. For this hair mask I used: pure organic coconut oil, extra virgin oil and pure Argan oil all of which have great hydration and nourishing benefits and especially during the colder months my hair seems to be extra dry. You can find these oils at any supermarket, sometimes TJmaxx or even drug store. Feel free to improvise, you don't need all three oils, usually if you are going to use one, coconut oil does the trick.

I start by combining equal parts of the oil in a bowl, mixing well, and apply a generous amount from my roots to ends and tie in a bun.

FOR FACE: After my hair mask, of course face mask is essential. I start my using a cleaning wipe let it dry on my face for 10-15min For this post I used Sephora cleansing wipes to remove all the makeup/impurities and then follow with a sheet mask, for this post I used Farmacy coconut hydrating sheet mask, with Chanel hydrating face mask for a clean, hydrating cleanse. There are other sheet masks that you can use like Sephora sheet masks that come in 10+ different types all for 6$ each!

FOR BATH: While the hair and face are prepping, I fill my tub to half way with rather warmer water than I'm use to, because I get cold very easily especially if Im going to be soaking in the tub for about 20-30 mins. While the tub is being filled, I add Bath Bomb (from lush usually) for aura and scent and bubbles of course! I like to use bath bombs with a lavender scent because its proven to calm your senses and the sex bath bomb does the trick from lush. While soaking in the bath, I use a scoop of body scrub, to scrub my legs and arms and honestly, it leaves my skin super soft. The other thing I like to do is use lemon slices and rub on my face or any areas I want to brighten such as my knees or elbows. You can also get fancy and add bath salts to your bath.

FOR AMBIENCE: I add one or two scented candles, preferably with lavender scent again, for its calming properties. Last thing I need is my phone for music, I usuallytry to listen to relaxation/meditation music on youtube because there's literally plenty of options and the other plus of using youtube on iPhone is that it doesn't allow me to access other apps while on youtube, so I'm truly relaxing rather than double tapping on Instagram.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed this SPA night at home post, let me know if you like more lifestyle blogposts!




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