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Hello Beauties! I wanted to share with you guys few of the hair products that I have collected and use on a day to day basis for various looks, from volume to deep conditioning. Read along to find out!

Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo

Currently, I'm really obsessed with Elizabeth James Nirvana dry shampoo (28$) in color black. I particularly love this because unlike other dry shampoo, it doesn't leave white traces on the roots so it's great for someone with dark color hair. And, it smells AMAZING! basically a perfume for your hair.

The other dry shampoo that is currently my fav is the KLORANE dry shampoo (20$) with oat milk, it's infused with coconut water, so it refreshes the hair and cleanses it in seconds! It's made without parabens and sulfates. After application I felt my hair was clean, textured and healthy-looking.

Hair spray favorites

Hair Spray: Volume and texture

If you are looking for immense volume, I use the Alterna Caviar Volumizing hair mist ($28) I use it usually after I curl my hair to add extra volume to the roots. You can also spray it on the roots to add volume to straight hair. it works for all hair types, and best part is it's made without the harsh chemicals such as sulfates.

For more a beach wavy or textured hair, I use the Bumble and Bumble surf infusion sea salt spray ($29). There are lots of sea salt sprays out in the market, but I found that this one gives my hair a textured and volumizing look, with an amazing scent. it's great to wear it to the beach, because it contains UV filters to protect hair from heat damage (more on that below). This is honestly the best hair spray I have used.


Hair oil favorites

Hair Oils

Hair oils are essential key to maintain healthy looking hair. Although I deep condition my hair with organic coconut oil once every two weeks, I have incorporated using some styling oils that more lightweight in texture and great for day to day use. I use the Phyto Huile Supreme rich smoothing oil ($40), about 1-2 pumps and apply it to my ends for a smoother and softer hair, whenever I notice my ends appear dull, or lack shine. I use this about 2-3 times a week.

Usually, after a hair bath, I like to apply lightweight oil to my hair to just make it even softer and if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, I found that loreal's Oleo Therapy Perfection oil essence($13) is great to apply with fingers through your wet hair and brush to get a soft and silky hair.


Hair mask favorites

Hair Masks

Hair masks have become an obsession of mine. I love how my hair feels after a deep mask conditioning. Currently, I'm using Ouai Treatment masks ($32) that come in small packs, so I use one pack at a time. I massage the product in my palms and then apply it to my roots and all the way through the ends and wrap around in a bun,usually on a lazy Sunday and then wash my hair after couple hours.

For more of a day to day use, I love the Living proof perfect hair day night cap mask ($28 ). It leaves my hair smelling great and feels hydrated and silky in the morning. It is also good in perfecting split ends, it's free of harsh chemicals and sulfates.

Heat/UV Protectors

Heat/UV Protectors

it is always a good idea to use UV protectants both on skin and hair to prevent damage. Not only UV but even styling tools often times damage the hair and cause split ends. I found my perfect duos that help protect my hair. Bumble and Bumble invisible oil Dry oil finishing spay($34) I use it after styling instead of a ordinary hair spray, this one leaves my hair feeling hydrated and soft because it is infused with 6 different oils including arganoil and coconut oil and also protects from UV damage. This spray is a lighter version of the oil, and its great for everyday use.

For summer frizz and humidity,I personally recommend Living Proof No Frizz Humidity shield spray ($14-travel size). I use this for the beach or with bumble and bumble surf infusion for a long day out in the sun to protect from the heat damage. I noticed that it is very lightweight, and maintains the texture of my hair and doesn't deflate my styling. Love Love!!