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So it's already February and I cannot how fast this year is going by. Love is in the air this month, and whether you are single or a couple, valentine's day can be just as memorable and romantic. If you are single, spending valentines day with your galentine is perfect way to reconnect with your friends and have an amazing time!.

1. LIVE SHOWS There's something elegant and classy about going to see a live broadway show or musical at your local Opera theatre, followed by drinks and Dinner. I think this makes for a perfect weeknight valentine's day with your special someone or your galentine besties.

Here in Boston we are fortunate to have several live shows, especially at Boston Opera House or the Blue Man Group. I usually resort to Groupon to find deals on the shows.

2. WINE TASTING: This is especially great if you are celebrating valentines day with your besties. Wine tasting is an awesome experience, I mean you get wine (in SOOO MANY FLAVORS) and snacks, what else can you ask for? Here in Boston, there are some places that offer wine tasting indoors. My favorite is Zorvino Vineyars in Sandown,NH but there are plenty of tasting right in the city: More information here

3. PAINT NIGHT: Wine and paint makes for a perfect combination to channel your inner artistic skills. This makes for an awesome valentine/galentine date night, to have a low key valentines day.

More information here

4. DINNER CRUISE: It is definitely chilly during valentine's day but that can't stop you from creating your own Titanic moment. If you happen to live close to a harbor, there are plenty of valentine's day dinner/brunch cruises that make for a perfect romantic night out. Personally, I prefer the dinner cruise, you get to catch the sunset when the boat departs, and see the stars on a clear night. Cruises like Spirit and Odyssey offer a great cruise with dinner, drinks and music. If you are lucky you can save some bucks if you book on

5. STAYCATION Personally I love rediscovering my own city, and I've never been disappointed. During this season, most hotels have really low rates, and sometimes you can even score the fancy hotels like Ritz or Taj in Boston. This is best for a laid back valentines day date night with some relaxation at the pool or spa.

6. MINI GETAWAY If you want to take your staycation up a notch, a mini getaway can be just what the two of you need to reconnect and rekindle. Whether that is a ski trip in the white mountains of New Hampshire or leisure and spending at Foxwoods Casino, each have their own perks depending on your mood.

7. DINNER AT HOME This is one the classic romantic things to do on valentines day. Homemade dinner for two, chocolate dessert, bouquet of roses and candles (everywhere!!) are all you really need to create a perfect romantic ambience for valentines day in the comfort of your home.

Dinner Recipes here

8. FAVORITE BAND/CONCERT If you both are the life of the party, concerts are perfect to let loose and have a good time listening to your favorite singer/band.

9. SPA RETREAT I looove spas! I could really live there. There is nothing more relaxing than a rejuvinating couples massage followed by dip in a private Jacuzzi with your favorite romantic music. The Spa at Intercontinental Boston offers couples massage with a private jacuzzi. There's also Inman Oasis in Cambridge, MA which offers couples soak hot tub followed by couples massage

10. DINNER AND MOVIES You can never really go wrong with this classic date. Dinner at your (or her) favorite restaurant followed by a movie that you both love and enjoy.

Bonus: If you want to channel your inner Blair Waldrof, afternoon tea time makes for a classy day date with pastries, sandwiches and variety of flavored tea, including my favorite chamomile. This also makes for an ideal date with your galentine(s) to catch up. Here are places in Boston that offer an afternoon tea:

1. Courtyard Restaurant at BPL

2. Langham Hotel, Boston

3. Boston Harbor Hotel

Hope you all enjoy your valentine's day!

until next time,